Bullying… How do we stop?

Bullying… How do we stop?

Guest article for: pamsaxelby.com

I was reading an online paper today that had a short video attached.  It told the story of 3 girls sitting at a bus stop; two were bullying one.

The interesting story line attached was “What would you do?”

As the video played out, ( I do not know if the girls, all middle school age, were actors and knew what the intent of the video was, or if this was real) a variety of adults entered the screen. 

The setting was a bus stop, and the three girls were sitting on a bench talking.  Two of the three began to belittle, mock and harass the third.

As adults came onto this scene, it was interesting to watch what each chose to do, and if they chose to intercede.

The adults ranged in age, race, and gender.  Most of them chose to help. 

What would you do?

I know I would choose to help.

Kids can be mean, we all know that, but to witness it happening, and choose not to intercede, is cowardly.

Kids need to know that they matter.  

As I was thinking about this I can still remember being picked on by mean girls… I was in Junior High, and it was hard.

The messages we receive from other kids stick! All these years later, I can remember, where, when and who.

All of us can help.

What’s the answer?


We can’t be there to protect our kids from instances like this, but we can arm them with ideas, and strategies, on how to handle it.

We can demonstrate though our behaviors, and actions how to treat others well.  

Remember, actions always speak louder than words.

 Be an example.

Don’t be an adult bully… 

Kids who witness bullying from their parents, and who are bullied at home, repeat and practice what they learn.

Here’s an idea; use the word STOP as an acronym to give your kids simple and easy ways to make a difference!






Being bullied hurts… it hurts in ways that can scar deeply. It leaves kids with low self-esteem that may take years to work through.

When we choose to be part of the solution and empower our kids we can make a difference…

Choose to help. 

Teach your kids well.

Be part of the solution!


Until next time,