Ready for Bugs?

Ready for Bugs?

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Hi all…

I wanted to write a followup email about fun things to do with Bugs!

I started this idea because of Eric Carle and his books …  and thinking about ways to play and explore with kids this summer.

Our 8 year old grandson loves to explore… and while I watch him I notice the sheer delight he finds in the discoveries of new and interesting creatures in nature.  And… if you think about it, the only true way one learns is to discover and investigate!


So, to that end, I suggest these ideas:

Read the “Very Quiet Cricket”…. Look for crickets, see if you can find some in all sorts of sizes… Record what you find, and then start a Bug Journal of all that you discover.  

Go to the library and get books about alllll the types of crickets in the world…. 

You could also make a map… and use small colorful push pins (small motor skill work) to mark where they are found….

Give your child a small notebook and colored pencils to record their findings… and draw a likeness. (creativity and design)


Read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”…. Search for caterpillars… then use small cotton balls to create your own… it’s easy.  You can buy all sorts of pom-poms cheaply from any craft store or from a number of online stores.  You can use water colors to paint a background on soft poster paper… then design and glue your caterpillar…

Maybe even do your own rewrite of the story!  Make it personal. ( literary and creative thought)


Read “The Very Lonely Firefly”… go outside at dusk and count all the fireflies you see.  Have a book on hand, or use this article… before hand, take a trip to the library… and find an age appropriate book for your child to read…

You can then catch fireflies… watch them glow… but always release them.  🙂

You can create a firefly model ( following directions… fine motor skills… process)


These are just some fun and play ideas to use this summer as your playground… so now go outside and play!


Until next time,