Science, Biology and Love

Science, Biology and Love

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Lately, as we all know, there’s a lot going on in this world. 


I wonder… how do we take good care of children right now. Not just their bodies, more specifically, their minds and hearts.  How are they doing?  How are they feeling?  Can we help them better?

It’s hard enough to process the facts and events of a pandemic, a time unseen by all but a few, as an adult.  I can’t imagine how challenging  it must be for kids… especially the littler ones… say 2 on up to make sense, to understand in a way that they can process.


As a Mom, and now also a Grandmother, I think about the conversations to have. How to chat  with kids about all our current realities.

When I wrote my last book ,“The Great Grace Escape” one of my goals was to embrace a subject that people, especially adults, can feel uncomfortable with when talking with children. The topic of childbirth, and how babies come to be.


At the end of the book, after the story is done, I have a Guide for Parents… with some ideas and suggestions for how to continue the conversation.  

I suggest talking honestly and openly about how babies are made, and where they come from at an age appropriate level. Answer questions children have …  they will show you what they want to know, for now.  They might not be ready for any of the specifics quite yet… they’ll let you know.  Our youngest daughter was quite ready when she was 5…. Our son, not until he was 11…


Lead with love, and use science and biology as your factual guides.  

Science, biology and love…. All interconnected!

So use these three subjects as a tool to honestly talk with children about important topics.

Right now, we are in an age where Science has amazed me!


While trying to help kids understand and feel less uncertain about this time we are in, discuss how Science has worked hard and quickly to help us find answers and ways out of this pandemic.

A Vaccine in less than a year!  Whoop, whoop, whoop!!!  Thank you Science for understanding biology and the process of disease to be able to create this life saving tool.


Leading with love and talking honestly with children builds trust and comfort.  Respecting children by talking openly and clearly with them helps them feel safe.

Parents, build an open, honest ongoing conversation with your kids. Demonstrate they can find the answers to the questions they have by talking with you … that’s how we help.

Lead with love, use science, use biology, use whatever fact based information you need.  

Your kids will thank you.


Actually, the whole world will!