Springtime Activities For Single Moms: Head Outdoors And Reap The Benefits

Springtime Activities For Single Moms: Head Outdoors And Reap The Benefits

Single moms always have a lot on their plates to keep up with so finding the energy to exercise, and ensure that their kids exercise as well, can be a challenge. Many families fall into a rut during the winter months, but once spring hits it’s time to get outside and embrace the benefits that being active provides. There are plenty of basic ideas that single moms and kids can do together to be active, but there are lots of creative options that can generate some fun as well.

Outdoor exercise benefits your mental wellness as well as your physical fitness

Embracing the nice weather in the springtime provides the perfect launching pad for getting outside and getting active as a way to improve your wellness. As Women Fitness points out, exercise can help not only with physical fitness, but it has a major impact on mental wellness as well.

For those single moms who face issues with depression, outdoor exercise helps to build positive behaviors, provides increased energy and mental well-being, and helps moms to feel less stressed. Getting outside for exercise can also have a significant impact on issues such as chronic pain and addiction recovery as well.

Get creative about getting outdoors with the kids

What kinds of activities work well for single moms to get out and do with their kids? There are the basics like bike riding, walking, and swimming, and as Parents details, teaming up with the kids for outdoor work like yard work, and gardening can turn into a fun and active family project as well. Children may enjoy scouting the local farmers market for some fresh treats, getting in some exercise as the family checks out all of the vendors, then hitting the park for a picnic and family playtime.

Steady Strength suggests learning new activities as a family and it can be fun and motivating to connect with other families for activities and outings as well. Whether you join up with friends to do an outdoor activity together or take it a step further and make it a bit of a competition, the idea of the more the merrier definitely applies here. You can come up with relay races, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, or put together friendly games of flag-football, soccer, or even old-school kickball.

Keeping it simple works well too

Sometimes as a single mom it feels as if there is never enough time to get everything as it is, so getting creative about getting outside with the kids can feel like an overwhelming addition to the to-do list. However, once you get out and get going, the payoff will definitely feel worth it. Wired points out that even doing something as simple as hide and seek, kick the can, hopscotch, basketball, jump roping or hula hooping can get everybody some great exercise and there is no doubt that your mood and energy levels will be elevated as well.

For some single moms, there may be an opportunity to combine outdoor springtime exercise with a way to make a bit of extra cash. Maybe offer to do some dog-walking for other busy families, check into getting a paper route, or put together a babysitting opportunity where you are getting the kids out for some fun and then you get some fresh air and exercise, and the cash in your pocket is just a bonus.

Sometimes as a single mom it feels great to send the kids outside to play on their own, but joining them sparks numerous benefits. Not only do you get some great bonding time with your children by joining them during the springtime weather for some outdoor fun, but you benefit both physically and mentally after putting in the effort. Take a walk around the block, throw together a friendly competition with another family, or play some hopscotch and take some time to invest in yourself and reap the benefits that you’ll experience both mentally and physically.